The Village

Asprovalta is well known for its beautiful beaches, night life, variety of attractions and the wide selection of tourism infrastructure. For long or short holidays, weekends or short breaks undoubtedly proves to be one of the first choices as a tourist destination for a comfortable, relaxing and economical vacations.

The coastal zone of Strymonkou Gulf, is a landscape of natural beauty and environmental value.

Ammolofoi beach 01-min


Asprovalta: 250 meters

Ofrynio Touzla: 26 klm

Ammolofoi: 65 klm


Kasta Hill Tomp: 23 klm

Aristoteli’s park: 45 klm

Antifilippoi: 62 klm

Religious & Thermal Baths

Mount Athos Monasteries: 75 klm

Eleftheres Thermal baths: 44 klm

Apollonia Thermal baths: 32 klm