Athina Hotel Asprovalta

The Hotels

The selected Hotels are located in Asprovalta, built in a critical position as it is in the entrance of Mount Athos, near the exit of the highway Kavala – Thessaloniki
20 km from the hill Kastas – the hill with the largest archaeological interest of modern times
27 kilometers from the birthplace of Aristotle Stagira and his grave,
70 kilometers from Macedonia airport and just a few meters from the beach of Asprovalta.

Accomodations and Amenities

The rooms of the selected hotels in Asplovalta Greece,are ideal holiday suggestion for families as well as couples, and offers (depending on the chosen hotel) amenitis like: air conditioning, a short distance from the sea, quiet environment, playground, breakfast and small restaurant sufficient to meet your basic needs.

It is also possible to book a Hotel in Asprovalta Greece with courtyard with trees and tables, which is ideal for children for their afternoon activities and the snacks.

Depending on the chosen hotel the accommodations and rooms may provide some or all of the following amenities:

• Air conditioning
• Cleaning and linen change
• Free Wi-Fi
• Children’s play ground
• Breakfast
• Restaurant
• Parking

Some of the Hotels are also capable to offer you (with extra charge):

• Transfer by taxi to and from the airport
• Lunch or dinner on request

Hotels in Asprovalta Greece offer all or some of the above services. Confirmation with the selected Hotel in Asprovalta Greece about the available services is required

In case that some or all of the above services arn't available on the chosen hotel the website does not bear any responsibility.